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  • Patrick Chung

Xfund Founder Spotlight: Raymond Wang and Eugenio Donati of AeroVect

Originally published at XFund

Raymond Wang and Eugenio Donati are co-founders of AeroVect, one of the most recent companies to join Xfund. AeroVect develops autonomous driving systems for logistics, beginning with baggage and cargo tractors in aviation.

After graduating from Harvard, Raymond and Eugenio launched the company last year. They’re currently hiring for several positions in the San Francisco Bay Area.

In our conversation, Raymond and Eugenio discuss the importance of understanding the customer, building a strong product culture, and why startups need to think beyond fundraising.

How was AeroVect founded?

Eugenio: Raymond and I were introduced by a mutual friend while trying to start a transportation club at Harvard. We are both passionate about aviation and transportation at large, and wanted to start a student club focused on these industries.

Having kept in touch since then, in the spring of 2020, we were catching up during quarantine and realized there was a unique opportunity to combine our understanding of aviation with vehicle autonomy, leveraging the temporary lull in air travel to pilot and deploy our autonomous driving systems at large airport hubs.

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