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  • Patrick Chung

Sascha Eder of NewtonX on how to deal with “unexpected situations”

NewtonX’s CEO Sascha Eder in New York City.
NewtonX’s CEO Sascha Eder in New York City.

Business decisions need to be informed by high-quality data, but obtaining that data can be arduous. Whether it’s finding experts in a niche field, identifying and recruiting participants for a representative survey sample, or designing a research study so that it answers the right questions — the process of creating insights is complex.

Sascha Eder, cofounder and CEO of leading market research firm NewtonX, has built a team to solve these challenges. The company’s proprietary, AI-driven search matches clients with the right experts to deliver trustworthy, decision-quality insights. Sascha previously worked as a consultant at McKinsey & Company. He has master’s degrees in management from MIT and from HEC Paris.

Original article published at xfund


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