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Patrick Chung of xfund

An experienced investor, Patrick Chung serves as managing general partner of Xfund, the early-stage venture capital firm that was established to invest in outstanding founders affiliated with Harvard, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and the other leading universities of the world. The firm grew quickly and raised $100 million for its second fund. In 2020, Patrick Chung and his team raised a third fund totaling more than $120 million. Xfund now has offices in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and Palo Alto, California, as well as an extensive network of industry professionals and academic contacts who support its portfolio companies. The firm invests in lateral thinkers with ideas that span multiple disciplines and have the potential for significant disruption.


Chung holds a joint JD from Harvard Law School and an MBA from Harvard Business School. He earned honors in both programs and served as editor of the Harvard Law Review. To bridge his two interests, he collaborated with former Fidelity Investments CEO Robert C. Pozen to create a course on corporate governance. In addition, he attended Oxford University as a Commonwealth Scholar and earned an MSc. Patrick Chung received his undergraduate degree in environmental science from Harvard.


Prior to Xfund, Chung was a partner with NEA and led the consumer and seed investment practices at the venture capital firm. He led investments in Plaid, Segment, 23andMe, Guideline, Zumper, Xoom, and several more. He was elected partner in three years and was the youngest person to achieve this distinction at that time. Earlier, Patrick Chung worked for internet services company ZEFER, helping it grow to more than $100 million in annual revenue. He began his career with the global consulting firm McKinsey & Company, specializing in hardware and software companies. Alongside his current work with Xfund, he is an associate with the Creative Destruction Lab at the University of Toronto and a director of 23andMe and Philo.

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